A recognised interpretation firm in Brussels

Our French, English, Spanish and German conference interpreters translated the speech of the President of the Brussels-Capital Region at the premises of Brussels Environment.

Last Thursday, our Brussels office was in charge of simultaneous interpreting at the inaugural conference of the EUROPAN15 European architecture competition in Brussels.

As the Brussels Environment conference hall is already equipped with an interpreting system, our French, English, Spanish and German interpreters were able to use the interpreting booths already on site, and they provided top quality simultaneous interpreting during this high-level event with 400 participants (who would later visit urban renewal projects in Brussels).

About Colingua 

Founded in 2000, Colingua is run exclusively by translators and conference interpreters. Our professionals can advise you well in advance on how to organise your multilingual event in Brussels. Colingua offers complete packages, including interpreters (for simultaneous interpreting) and all necessary audio-visual equipment, such as interpreting booths and headsets for participants. Our AV technicians will be by your side throughout your event to manage all the technical aspects for you, including video projections if necessary.

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A recognised interpretation firm in Brussels