Interpreters in Liège, Belgium

Colingua is THE benchmark for simultaneous conference interpretation in Liège. Our interpretation agency in Liège, whose real core business is precisely that –interpretation– stands out from other translation companies in Liège that tend to specialise in written translations. With Colingua, you will always be in touch with an interpreter who lives in Liège, who will advise you on arranging your meeting room or event. Two of our interpreters are also professors at the University of Liège, which strengthens our local connection.

This local link does not mean we are not familiar with what is happening in the rest of the world. Some of our interpreters have previously lived in the USA, Spain… and even Japan, and they accompany investors during their site visits in the Liège region on a regular basis.

Meeting or conference facilities in Liège are not always equipped with the interpretation equipment for events that involve several languages. Our company is in a position to offer a comprehensive service, comprising interpreters and equipment for simultaneous translation: interpreting booths, microphones, headsets, portable interpreting equipment (tour guide type), etc. As our team is locally based, we can easily visit your installations to look at meeting rooms and evaluate any technical constraints (consult the list of sites where we have already installed equipment in Liège).

The following international clients with offices or facilities in Liège have used our services… a sign of confidence and quality:


Photo: ©Colingua at the Van der Valk Sélys Liège Hotel

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