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Interpreting booths: a summary

  1. mobile booth, also called “translating booth” or standard-size “interpreting booth” standard for two interpretersis 170 cm long and 200 cm high. It is also possible to set up a wider booth to accommodate three interpreters.
  2. A standard mobile boothhas 8 vertical panels, 2 ceiling panels and a surface to place the interpreters’ consoles (microphones), laptops, etc.
  3. An interpreting boothweighs around 200 kilos!
  4. An interpreting boothand 50 receiver headsets can be prepared in 1 hour if our technician can connect it to the sound system on the premises, and in 2 hours if it is also necessary to equip the room (i.e. we install the microphones and loudspeakers).
  5. Interpreting boothscan be installed more or less anywhere, provided the floor is level and access is good. Our technicians are used to installing booths in hotels, exhibition halls, congress centres (the photo is of The Event Lounge in Brussels) or classified buildings.


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