Translators for Museums

Our team of professional translators and linguists regularly work for nationally or internationally renowned museums. Our specialised translators are accustomed to delivering accurate translations (French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, etc.) and are respectful of the works presented to the public while carrying out the necessary localisation to facilitate the understanding of visitors from abroad.

This approach enables our translation agency to work in close partnership with several museums or major museum complexes, including:

  • Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
  • Centre of Engraving of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (La Louvière)
  • MAD Brussels (Fashion & Design Plafform)
  • BPS22 (Art Museum of the Province of Hainaut)
  • Prehistomuseum of Ramioul
  • Museum of Transports – Liège
  • La Boverie Art Museum – Liège
  • Source O Rama museum in Chaudfontaine

Copyright image: Scott Webb on Pexels

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