What is the cost of a translation ?

The explanations below will guide you when asking for a quote.

  • Our entire roster of skilled translators is made up of native speakers who only translate into their mother tongues.
  • Our calculation method is 100% arithmetic, and the invoice sets out every detail.
  • Basic rate of €1.25 per line of 60 characters (including spaces) for non-technical projects and translations of the most common languages, including Dutch, French and English. This rate is non-binding: an accurate quote is needed prior to starting a project and will be sent to you after we receive the texts to be translated. The quoted price depends on the technical complexity of the original documents and on the source and target languages.
  • Our simulator situated on our homepage will give you a rough idea of the price of a non-technical translation into different languages. However, it is always best to get in touch with us to ask for an accurate quote and find out the deadlines we can offer.
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