Simultaneous interpretation for small groups

Simultaneous is always the most effective method: its instant translation is both precise and a time-saver. Unfortunately, not all rooms come equipped with interpreting booths or they might be too small to play host to a temporary booth. Alternatively, there might just be a dozen of you sitting around a table for a business meeting, an audit or a meeting with a European Commissioner in Brussels…

All of our interpreters are seasoned professionals who can interpret at your negotiations or meetings in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch…

Our team may then suggest using an infoport system (mobile interpreting kit, also known as a biduleor spiderin Brussels’ interpretation market jargon). This system involving headsets and no booths makes simultaneous interpretation possible almost everywhere and is perfect for small groups of up to about ten people. This working method requires the interpreter to be in the room alongside the participants, also enhancing communications.

For example, we used this method at the opening of the Tiffany & Co. store in Brussels when a trainer had travelled from the global headquarters in New York to train the new recruits in Brussels. So as to be able to handle the products and ensure seamless communications in an English-French bilingual setting whilst remaining flexible, we supplied mobile interpretation with a portable system for the whole week of training, much to the delight of the participants.

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