We know America - We know Belgium

There is a strong emerging market for US companies and organizations in Belgium. Our translators and conference interpreters see this opportunity and are driven to support our US clients to expand and thrive in a European marketplace.

Our translation and interpretation company was founded by two conference interpreters, who after living and studying in America, aspired to create a business that built upon their linguistic expertise, as well as their knowledge of and passion for the United States.

Incorporated in 2000, Colingua works exclusively with professional translators and conference interpreters. Its founders, who are owners and run its daily operations, work closely with a roster of about 100 external providers, including freelance translators and interpreters who are equally invested in the company’s success. While many translation agencies in Brussels boast of having a global network of hundreds of translators, we excel by a more personal approach. We are proud to have worked alongside all of our external partners and have personally screened them on their written translations and, in the case of interpreters, a vast range of interpretation assignments.

In short, here is why American investors and businesses choose Colingua as their translation partner in Belgium:

1) our founders are trained translators and interpreters who have lived in the US (Pittsburgh and Philadelphia) and know how things work in America

2) we guarantee that your point of contact will always be a translator or interpreter who has lived in the US

3) we have over 15 years of experience and a branch in Brussels, home to many European institutions

4) we work for American clients currently working in Europe and those planning to expand into the European or Belgian markets

We look forward to working with you.

Our references speak for themselves: Tiffany & Co., Facebook, Nomacorc–Vinventions, MŌDERE, Merck-MSD

Interpreting celebrities

Christian Picciolini

The widely acclaimed film American History X is based on the story of Christian Picciolini, a former American skinhead who broke all ties with the movement and now fights against radicalisation. A former member of a racist and extremely violent gang, Picciolini is now known in America for his work in Life After Hate, an organisation he co-founded with other former skinheads. Picciolini is a regular contributer on American TV networks, such as CBS and CNN.

Mission summary: providing interpretation services for the speaker throughout his visit to Liège. Interpretation from English into French during Picciolini's conference in Liège and interviews with the French-speaking Belgian media.

Christian Picciolini

Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind is an American architect known around the world for iconic projects such as the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the master plan for the new World Trade Center in New York, and the Imperial War Museum North in Greater Manchester.

In Belgium, Daniel Libeskind designed the Mons International Congress XPerience. He was awarded the contract after a successful defence of his project in English that we interpreted into French before the jury responsible for choosing an architect.

Our interpreters also took care of simultaneous translation from a booth for the public presentation of the project, with Mr Libeskind also in attendance. The Manège conference hall in Mons (Belgium) lacked interpretation equipment, so Colingua Translations set up a mobile booth for the interpreters and provided over 200 receiver headsets for the public.

Copyright : Ishmael Orendain - https://www.flickr.com/photos/ishmaelo/256431706/

Daniel Libeskind

Julie Meyer

Julie Meyer is famous for co-founding First Tuesday, the largest global network of entrepreneurs, which many see as the driving force behind the rise of the Internet generation in Europe.

The numerous accolades she has won include the World Economic Forum Global Leader of Tomorrow award and the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. The Wall Street Journal named her one of the 30 most influential women in Europe.

Mission summary: English <> French simultaneous interpretation by two of our conference interpreters. Set-up of the portable interpretation equipment (portable booth), 300 receivers (headsets) and preparation of the audio equipment for the conference hall of the University of Namur, Belgium.

Julie Meyer