About our translation company

Colingua, key points


Colingua is a translation company exclusively managed by translators and conference interpreters. Our clients are always in contact with a sector professional. We have in-house translators and interpreters and we also work with freelancers.

Where and when?

In Belgium, since 2000! We are present in the three regions of the country, although we are also active on the international level.

  • Our translation agency in Brussels specialises in translations in French and Dutch, English and Spanish for European an international clients. Colingua also has an agency of interpreters in Brussels that specialises in European affairs. Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis our Brussels office has managed our online simultaneous interpretation projects.
  • Our translation agency in Liège is faithful to its local roots and is a recognised member of the Chamber of Commerce and the local language promotion agency. Our interpretation agency in Liège is THE reference in interpretation services in the city, and some of our interpreters are also Lecturers in Interpretation at the University of Liège.
  • Our translation agency in Flanders (in Lanaken, near Maastricht), covers the Dutch-speaking part of the country and specialises in translations in French and English to Dutch, mainly to help international companies set up their operations in Flanders.

Our clients?

Our clients do not correspond to a standard profile. We work with NGOs and SMEs, but also with multinational companies, political groups and unions, without forgetting the worlds of culture and sport. They have something in common, however: we are passionate about them!

Our values?

  • Excellence and transparency: in Colingua we don’t do things by halves. If your project seems to us to be outside our scope, we will tell you and recommend another specialised service provider.
  • Listening: every client, whether for written translation or simultaneous translation (interpretation) has different needs. We will help you to localize your translation if necessary, we will visit your tourism site if we can, and our interpreters will visit your conference room/hall to give practical advice if circumstances allow.
  • Solidarity: our team of translators and interpreters supports projects that matter to us, either participating directly or by becoming a partner. Consult our CSR page.