Merck & MSD

There is a strong emerging market for US companies and organizations in Belgium. Our translators and conference interpreters see this opportunity and are driven to support our US clients to expand and thrive in a European marketplace.

Summary of the services provided to Merck & MSD:

  • Simultaneous interpretation from a booth into French, Dutch and English
  • Set-up of portable interpretation booths at various company events

Our conference interpreters have provided their services at various Merck (MSD) events in Brussels since 2014, managing the set up of the interpretation equipment for each of these events, including audio equipment and 150 to 200 headsets for guests.

About Merck and MSD : http://www.merck.be &  http://www.msd-belgium.be

Merck & Co. Inc., d.b.a. Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD), is an American pharmaceutical company with a worldwide workforce of 68,000. It is one of the Big 5 pharmaceutical companies.

Our references speak for themselves : Tiffany & Co., Facebook, Nomacorc-Vinventions, Mōdere


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