Native translators

Our translators only translate into their native language. They are familiar with the Belgian, French, European and international contexts.

We translate for large multinationals, SMEs, institutions, universities, NGOs, the press, sports events, museums… The translator managing your project will offer any assistance you may need. We do not just send your translation off to a freelance translator. Your project will be managed by your contact from beginning to end. The various language versions will be harmonised and ready for publication.

Our translation agency works with the main languages of the European Union (translations into French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian…), but we can also take care of projects in less widespread languages.

Colingua Translations

Big International Exhibitions

Our department of cultural events and exhibitions has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years, consolidating Colingua Translations as a translation agency specialising in translation for culture and events.

Among other projects, our translation agency has taken care of translations (French, English, Dutch and German) for several international exhibitions held in Liège (Belgium) in the last few years, including SOS Planet (200,000 visitors), Golden Sixties (300,000 visitors), From Salvador to Dalí (165,000 visitors), The Terracotta Army – The Heritage of the Eternal Chinese Emperor (55,000), I will be 20 years old in 2030…

Our translators also worked on the translations into English and Dutch of a number of exhibitions at the Waroux castle near Liège ("Impressionism and women", "Marc Chagall, From Dreams to Memories") jointly with Pixel Prod, a business specialising in scenography for exhibitions, as well as the exhibitions on Antonio Nunziante and Leonardo da Vinci at the XPO-Center in Bruges.

Museums And Heritage

The Liège Archéoforum called upon our expertise to translate a new scenography for this underground museum. In addition to translating the panels into Dutch, German and English, our translators localised the museum's new website, audio descriptions and 3D iPad app. Our team of translators visited the site to appraise the requirements of the Archéoforum and see the content of the archaeological visit from up close.

The Opéra Royal de Wallonie (ORW) is another major reference. Our translators first translated the history of the ORW as part of a Walloon Heritage Institute project on the reopening of the performance hall. Our professionals have since translated directly for the Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège, including the synopses of the various operas on the programme and the ORW's communications in English, Dutch, German and Italian.

Translations For The Press

For over 10 years now, our translators have been working almost every day with the journalists at Mediafin, the group that owns L'ECHO and DE TIJD, the leading economic newspapers in the French- and Dutch-speaking parts of Belgium, respectively. With over 250 issues of these newspapers' SABATO supplement under their belts, our translators (working into Dutch, French and English) are more than used to the tight deadlines and formal register demanded by these key players of the Belgian press.

Translations For Big International Events

Our translation agency worked closely together with the Liège EXPO 2017 team as part of the Belgian city's bid to organise the 2017 International Exposition. As an exclusive partner of Liège Expo 2017, we translated the communication materials and Liège's bid documents into English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. A threefold task consisting of translating, advising and localising almost daily for three years. Our translators are now working with the Department of Communication of the City of Liège on Liège Together, a project that sprouted from the 2017 bid.

Translations For International Sports Events

Over the years, our translation agency has consolidated its leadership in translation and interpretation services for world-class sports events. Our translators and interpreters specialising in sport work with several sports communications agencies, including 1001 Vagues (sailing) and 15Love (tennis). We also work for A.S.O., a world leader in the organisation of non-stadium sports events, such as the Tour de France (third biggest sports event in the world) and the Dakar Rally (former Paris–Dakar).


For six years we worked to help Tiffany & Co.'s global headquarters in Manhattan to roll out their brand in Belgium and France. Our task consisted of translating into French communication campaigns that were devised in New York and intended for Belgium and France, working side-by-side with the American firm's branches in Paris and London. In addition to advertising campaigns, our specialised translators also took care of internal training, product catalogues and the www.tiffany.fr website and its updates.

Our task consisted of translating from English into French communication campaigns that were devised in New York and intended for Belgium and France, working side-by-side with the American firm's branches in Paris and London. In addition to advertising campaigns, our professionals also took care of internal training, product catalogues and the www.tiffany.fr website and its updates.

The mission was a success with the opening of the Tiffany & Co. shops in Brussels and on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

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Satisfied clients

Tourisme Liège

Liège Tourist Office

“The Liège Tourist Office, by nature, communicates in many languages. Over a good number of years, a smooth collaboration has developed with Colingua Traduction. The easy contact, speed and accuracy of their work are unquestionable assets. Furthermore, the plethora of advice, suggestions, feedback and initiatives they put forward to us are extremely valuable.”

Dominique Jamar

L´Echo & De Tijd newspapers

“Since “L’Echo” merged with its former competitor “De Tijd”, as part of a joint entity named Mediafin, a specialist in economic and financial news, a need for translations has emerged in the wake of the synergies rapidly implemented, essentially for magazines and supplements inserted in these newspapers. As a result, the L’Echo’s “Exception” supplement has integrated the editorial policy of its equivalent at De Tijd, “Bestedigen”. These two monthly magazines became a single weekly issue, called “Sabato”, produced thanks to collaboration between Dutch and French speaking journalists, hence the need to provide regular, quick, accurate and reliable translations. This is often done to very tight deadlines, because the challenge is to keep pace with the publication of magazines in a daily press environment. This is where Colingua has been able to make its capabilities count, in a composed and professional climate, in which mutual understanding of the respective realities and constraints has made a partnership lasting several years possible, and whose reliability grows with every passing day”.

Luc Dechamps - Publisher


“The Prehistomuseum, formerly named the “Préhistosite de Ramioul”, opened its doors in February 2016 after 3 years of refurbishment. Our 30-hectare museum, devoted to Prehistoric times, boasts no less then 12 exhibitions that we have decided to display in four languages (French, Dutch, German and English). In the months prior to the opening, Colingua was a valuable ally in overcoming the mountain of work that required completion! The quality of their follow-up and anticipation helped us respect the deadlines and offer our visitors translations that are always very accurate, covering a wide range of different subjects. Our collaboration continues today – but at a gentler pace, fortunately! – and in all likelihood it will last for many years more.”

Anaïs Laurent - Archeologist