Our latest projects

  • Colingua translates the Tour de France

    14th Tour de France for Colingua

    This year again, our translation and interpretation agency was chosen by A.S.O., the company organizing the Tour de France, to provide translations in English, French, Spanish and German. Our translators specializing in sports have been working for the Grande Boucle since 2006.

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  • Colingua translates for the Institute of Natural Sciences

    Translators for museums

    The Brussels branch of our translation company was chosen to translate the XperiBIRD website and reports in English, Dutch and German.

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  • Colingua translates the Tour of California.

    French translators for the Tour of California

    Our French-language translators specializing in sports provide translation services to the Amgen Tour of California. Our business, once again, confirms its stature as the “Go To Service” when it comes to sports translation.

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  • Colingua traduit pour le Standard de Liège

    Interpreters for Standard de Liège

    When it comes to translators and interpreters, Belgian football powerhouse Standard de Liège places its confidence in our company that specializes in sports translating and interpreting.

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  • Colingua interpreters work at OSCE conference in Brussels

    Live interpretation in Brussels

    The OSCE chose our Brussels office to provide simultaneous interpreting for the conference organised at the Jewish Museum of Belgium. Our interpretation company remains a preferred simultaneous translation supplier for international institutions in Brussels.

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  • Colingua interpreters work at OECD meeting in Brussels

    Interpreting company in Brussels

    The conference interpreters at our Brussels agency work for the OECD at the Square Brussels, the city’s main congress centre. Our interpreting agency regularly assists international organisations visiting Brussels.

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  • Colingua - Traducteurs du Rallye Merzouga

    Sports translators

    Since 2016, our translation agency, specializing in motorsports, has translated the Merzouga Rally, confirming its status as a specialist in sports translation.

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  • Colingua traduit le Marathon de Barcelone

    Translators of the Barcelona Marathon

    This weekend, our French and English translators translated the Barcelona Marathon. Our translation company adds to the international aura of this major event on the Spanish running calendar.

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  • Colingua Translations works of Med Culture

    Interpreting company in Brussels

    Our interpreting agency in Brussels specialised in European projects has been working for MED Culture this week, which is a programme funded by the European Commission.

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