Interpreting for Miele in Brussels

The year 2024 has marked a remarkable beginning for Colingua teams. While some of our dedicated translators are working behind the scenes of the Dakar 2024 race, our conference interpreters are taking parking in Miele’s prestigious annual event in Brussels.

This renowned German premium household appliance company has chosen Colingua’s Brussels-based interpreting agency, to provide booth interpreting at its trilingual (French, Dutch, and English) event hosted at Living Tomorrow in Vilvoorde, in the outskirts of Brussels.

Our skilled technical team played a crucial role in setting up top-notch interpreting equipment, including booths and headsets, ensuring the seamless success of this high-profile event.

About Colingua: Your Trusted Interpreting Partner

Colingua, founded in 2000 with offices in Brussels, Liège, and Flemish Limburg, stands as a leading interpreting agency managed exclusively by qualified translators and interpreters. We excel in assisting with projects of any size. Explore our references here.

About Miele: A Global Leader in Premium Household Appliances

Miele, the German powerhouse in high-end household appliances, sets the standard with its motto: premium quality, our common goal: Immer besser (Always better). Rigorously testing products for up to 30,000 operating hours, Miele guarantees unparalleled quality and durability.

For interpreting services that elevate your events and projects, trust Colingua—your language partner for success.

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Interpreting for Miele in Brussels