Conférence Interreg Marhetak à Liège

When the institutions of Wallonie decided to hold its closing event in Liège, they naturally chose our Liège interpreting agency to provide simultaneous translation for its event at the Palais des Congrès de Liège.

The reputation of our interpreting agency in Liège is well established. Since it was set up on the banks of the Meuse in 2000, our interpreting agency has taken part in the region’s major events, including Liège’s bid to host Expo 2017, the Unesco World Conference, the Belgian Presidency of the European Union, and many others.

About Colingua

Our conference interpreters offer two types of interpreting: booth interpreting (at a venue) and online interpreting (since 2020, around 200 webinars or videoconferences with interpreting every year, on Zoom, WebEx, … ). At colingua, you’ll always be in touch with an experienced interpreter to help you prepare for your event.

About the Marhetak conference

Today’s conference brought together the various players involved in crisis and water management in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. On the one hand, the Public Service of Wallonia and the University of Liège presented the results of work carried out in the Walloon Region as part of the Interreg Marhetak program, and on the other, speakers from the Euregio presented the challenges of flood risk management in the territories concerned.

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Conférence Interreg Marhetak à Liège