Types of video conference plateforms

Choosing the right videoconferencing application is a very important step in helping to ensure the success of your virtual event with simultaneous interpretation by interpreters online. We can make you a proposal for remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) that is compatible with your application.

Don’t confuse videoconferencing platform and interpretation platform!

  • You probably know the main videoconferencing platforms such as Google MeetMicrosoft TeamsCisco WebexGoToMeeting, etc. These allow you to organise high-quality virtual meetings, but they do not incorporate an interpretation system.
  • Tools such as Interactio, VoiceBoxer or Kudo are interpretation platforms. True, they are not so well-known to the general public, but they can be very useful in certain specific cases, and they allow interpreters to provide remote simultaneous interpretation in several languages.
  • Where does ZOOM fit in? This platform is a videoconferencing solution that also allows for online simultaneous interpretation. While the platform has limitations at the level of interpreting, it can provide a professional service in several specific cases. The advantage of ZOOM is that it combines the friendliness of a traditional videoconferencing application with the possibility of several audio channels to listen to the interpreters.

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