Interpretation with your usual videoconference platform

Does your organisation already have a videoconferencing platform licence but the platform is not designed for online interpretation?

Does the institution sponsoring you impose a secure videoconferencing platform, but that does not have the specific simultaneous interpreting function?

Colingua proposes a hybrid solution that allows you to link a professional remote simultaneous interpretation system to your usual platform. Regardless of whether you use Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting … our hybrid solution allows you to listen to our professional conference interpreters via a dedicated and secure interpretation application.


You create and manage your session on your usual videoconferencing tool. During the meeting, you follow the video signal on that tool, which you also use to speak. It is sufficient to install our solution on a smartphone or a tablet; you will then get access to simultaneous interpretation in the language of your choice.

In summary:

  • An online interpretation solution that can easily be linked to your usual videoconferencing tool
  • A simple application that can be downloaded to listen to interpreters
  • Interpretation on your smartphone or tablet, which functions as a receiver with headsets used in presence-based events
  • A very stable interpretation system that can be used anywhere
Remote meetings with Colingua's interpreters
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