On-site, remote or hybrid?

Have you thought about the type of event you are going to organize? Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) is possible in three cases.

  1. You organize a presence-based event

The best solution is always to have a team of interpreters at the venue of the event, in interpretation booths installed in the room with your participants. However, if for any reason interpreters may not be able to travel, it is possible to provide a remote interpreting service.

  1. You organize a virtual event

In this case, all the participants are in “remote” mode, and your event is 100% virtual. Our interpreters will also be remote and will translate for you via an online simultaneous interpretation solution.

  1. You organize a hybrid event

Some people get together in a room while others follow the event online. We can stream the event and the simultaneous interpretation. There are a lot of hybrid formulas available… and the associated technology. Here is a practical example:

  • An international organisation based in Brussels organizes its AGM in Paris
  • 30 people will be present in Paris
  • 100 people will participate remotely
  • The event requires simultaneous interpretation in French, English and Spanish. The client wishes to work with the usual team of interpreters from Colingua. All the interpreters are in Belgium. Given the importance of the event, the interpreters translate from our interpretation studio (hub) in Brussels.

Basically, there are 3 types of solution:

OPTION 1: all the participants (in Paris and online) are sitting in front of a computer, as if they were working remotely. Even though 30 people are in the room, from a technical point of view they are all considered ‘online’ and use our videoconferencing solution with online interpretation.

OPTION 2: we equip the room where the 30 people are in Paris and install the necessary audiovisual equipment: microphones, speakers, screens to project presentations, etc. We also film the event so that the 100 members following it online can see what is happening. One option is installing mobile interpreter booths at the venue if interpreters are available to be there.

OPTION 3: the venue of the meeting is very far away and the room is already equipped. In this case, our technical team will work closely with the site manager to ensure a good-quality signal for the interpreters and transmit the simultaneous interpretation to the members around the world.

We also have other options to offer you if required. For example, we can stream the event and the  interpretation in various languages on a specific YouTube channel, record and subtitle the event for later viewing, propose a voting system, etc.

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