The Moderator – a key figure

Do you regularly organise online meetings or videoconferences with interpreters? Will you need remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI)?

Organising a virtual event requires other skills, other profiles, which guarantee the success of your virtual event, with or without simultaneous interpreting.

The success of an online meeting requires a certain amount of organisation beforehand, but above all, good discipline during the event. While our interpreters provide you with quality simultaneous interpreting, the Moderator will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the speaking rules, the correct sharing of documents and screens, the allotted speaking time, the use of the correct language by the speakers, etc.

Colingua offers a multilingual Moderator service in addition to its usual services of simultaneous online interpreting. The multilingual Moderator will speak at the beginning of the meeting to remind participants of the functioning of the simultaneous interpreting channels and the speaking rules. For example, depending on the mission you entrust to him, he can then manage the microphones and cameras, manage the chat box, or try to solve one or other technical problem that one of your participants might encounter, etc.

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