2017 Universal Exhibition Bid

Behind the scenes of Liège Expo 2017: Colingua Translations’ translators and interpreters confirm the company’s status as a reference in translating.

>>> For almost 3 years, Colingua Translations’ translators and conference interpreters worked flat out to support Liege’s bid. The communication material for Liège Expo 2017 was translated into English, Dutch and German, but also Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Arabic…

The city of Liège, the heart of Belgium’s third largest conurbation (with 600,000 inhabitants), is the economic capital of Wallonia.

The city’s new strategy is at the heart of its freshly booming economy. The City of Liège now attracts new inhabitants and has reclaimed its position as Wallonia’s main tourist destination. Liège airport ranks eighth in Europe for freight transport (and is the leader in Belgium), whilst the Port of Liège is the biggest Belgian inland port and the third biggest European port in terms of tonnage transported. What’s more, according to an independent study by Cushman and Wakefield, the district of Liège is considered to be the most attractive region in Europe in logistical terms.

The city wanted to build on this positive momentum to organise an event of international scope that would have been the crowning achievement of the Liège Region’s economic and urban reconversion strategy.

Unfortunately, Liège and Belgium did not win the bid. However, the economic momentum remains and the region is still moving forward. Our translation company was proud to contribute to this adventure and has since become a key player in the Liège region: it is now partnering with or working for the main local institutions and economic players.

For example:

  • Simultaneous interpreting for EVS (world leader in slow-motion replays), the Province and City of Liège.
  • Consecutive interpreting and accompanying partners for Mithra (world leader in the women’s health sector).
  • Written translations (in English, French, Dutch and Spanish) for the Liège Tourist Information Office.

Our translating and interpreting is not, however, limited to Liège. Our company also possesses and office in Brussels, enabling our conference interpreters to regularly work at the European Parliament, for multinationals such as MODERE, for international institutions (WHO, Unicef, UN), on European projects (Green Cook), for European associations (European Forum for Urban Security, European Agricultural Machinery Association, etc.) or for foundations (Boghossian Foundation).

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2017 Universal Exhibition Bid