Translators for museums

The Brussels branch of our translation company was chosen to translate the XperiBIRD website and reports in English, Dutch and German.

XperiBIRD.be is an educational project launched by the Belgian Royal Institute of Natural Sciences and Google.org in 2016.

About Colingua

Colingua is a translation company that is run by professional translators. Our organization is giving us a competitive advantage since your contact person will be able to directly understand your needs. Colingua has offices in the 3 Belgian regions: Brussels, Wallonia (Liège) and Flanders.

Our English, Dutch (Flemish), Spanish, German… translators regularly work for major cultural players. For instance, our linguists translate for museums (MAD Brussels, BPS22) and international exhibitions (Generation 80, I’ll be 20 years old in 2030).

About XperiBIRD

XperiBIRD.be is an educational project that aims to develop a tit nesting observation network across Belgium. It also seeks to familiarise school pupils with data collection and Internet data transfer techniques.

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Translators for museums