Translators for exhibitions

Our translation agency in Liège has translated in the Generation 80 Experience exhibition into English, German and Dutch. Our translators are specialised in the translation of exhibitions, for the tourism and culture sectors.

It is now traditional: if there is a major international exhibition at the Liège Guillemins station designed by Santiago Calatrava, then Europa 50 and Colingua are necessarily involved.

After several collaborations that have met with success, Europa 50 has once again entrusted our translators specialised in culture and tourism with the translation of its brand new exhibition.

Our team has translated the entire exhibition into English, Dutch and German:

  • Translation of the display notices
  • Translation of the audio-guide
  • Translation of publicity material and the web site

Colingua has previously also translated the following exhibitions, also held in Liège: SOS Planet (200,000 visitors), Golden Sixties (300,000 visitors), From Salvador to Dalí, the Terracotta Army, I will be 20 in 2030…


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Translators for exhibitions