Liège-Ghent Twinning

Interpretation into French and Dutch with a portable system (“bidule”) during the bilateral meeting between the Ghent and Liège municipal boards..

– The cities of Ghent and Liège signed a partnership agreement during a bilateral encounter at the Ghent City Hall in 2011. This agreement has led to several joint projects, particularly in the following sectors:

tourism, with advertising campaigns in both cities;
youth, with exchanges for young people; and
climate, particularly the fight against global warming, etc.

Our interpretation agency provided simultaneous interpretation into French and Dutch, facilitating communication between the elected representatives of the two cities during their bilateral meeting in January 2017.

Since the group was small and there was a visit involved, simultaneous interpretation was provided using a Sennheiser Infoport portable interpretation system also known as a “bidule” in industry jargon. Its wireless headsets gave the group greater flexibility.

In addition to the work meeting, the elected representatives of Ghent also visited La Boverie Museum.

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Liège-Ghent Twinning