Interpretation agency in Liège – Belgium

Our interpreters and translators agency in Liège supports citizens’ initiatives such as Liège’s Incredible Edible. 

Our translation and interpretation agency in Liège is managed exclusively by translators and conference interpreters. The latter also give lectures at the University of Liège’s Interpreting School, a guarantee of quality.

Summary of the services offered by Colingua

As a part of its CSR policy, our translation agency therefore fully supports the Nourrir Liège network and decided to contribute to the event as a conference sponsor, enabling us to reach out to the international “Incredible Edible” movement.

Christopher Woodward was in Liège to present the crazy adventure of Incredible Edible in Todmorden, the town where it all began in Yorkshire UK and how self-service vegetable containers in public spaces have radically changed the civic impetus of the town.

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Interpretation agency in Liège – Belgium