Interpreters for Facebook in Brussels

Our conference interpreters provided simultaneous interpreting at the Facebook “Gather” Convention at the Brussels Square meeting center.

In short:
>>> Simultaneous interpretation into French, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Polish
>>> 16 conference interpreters for the Facebook conference in Brussels, in various rooms and workshops

Conference interpreters from our branch in Brussels provided interpreting services at Facebook’s “Gather” event, held at Square Brussels, the biggest convention center in Belgium. Over 250 digital entrepreneurs from all around Europe met for the key event.

Our interpretation agency again proved its competence in working with American companies active in Europe or seeking to expand their operations to Belgium. Colingua is run exclusively by conference interpreters and translators, some of which have spent years living in America. It stands out for its thorough knowledge of American business and provides real added value to Belgian companies that want to export to the other side of the pond, as well as American companies active in Europe.

Tiffany & Co., MODERE, Vinventions-Nomacorc, Merck-MSD are a few other examples of American companies that chose our interpreters and translators.

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Interpreters for Facebook in Brussels