euPrevent SFC – Kick-off conference

Simultaneous translation in German, Dutch and French

— The euPrevent mental health programme devotes attention to creating senior citizen friendly municipalities. In this respect, the emphasis is on care, caregivers and inclusion. The aim is to integrate senior citizens into the normal economic and social life of the towns as well as to strengthen the support networks for our elderly fellow citizens in each municipality.

Thirty towns in the Meuse-Rhine Euro-region (EMR) selected in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands are taking part in the SFC programme.

Colingua Translations’ mission can be summarised as follows: Simultaneous interpretation in French, German and Dutch.

  • Installation of 2 interpreting booths in main hall of the Cité Miroir convention centre in Liège
  • Rental and management by our technician of the headphone system required for simultaneous interpreting.

Source: euPrevent

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euPrevent SFC – Kick-off conference