European Migration Network

On December 5th this year our English, French and Dutch conference interpreters worked in the Résidence Palace Convention Center in Brussels in the conference of the European Migration Network (EMN).

Services provided :

Simultaneous interpreting in English, French and Dutch in the interpretation booths of the Résidence Palace convention center.

The Conference on asylum and migration policy, organised in the Résidence Palace (Brussels), took stock of three main themes:

1. International reception and protection

2. Legal immigration and integration

3. Irregular immigration and repatriation

For each of these themes, the speakers presented figures and trends, together with the work of the expert group of the EMN.

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Among its clients, our interpreting agency in Brussels has European associations or networks that work actively in a wide range of sectors, always in line with the latest developments in the European Union. Since we set up our company in 2000, our interpreters have acquired the knowledge and know-how required by the stakeholders that revolve around the European institutions.

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European Migration Network