Interpreters for institutions – Brussels

English/French two-way simultaneous interpreting

>>> Our interpreting agency carries out simultaneous interpretation at the Brussels head office of AWEX (Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency), in the presence of ambassadors and senior officials from a range of embassies…

Mission summary:

. Simultaneous interpreting between English and French.

. Rental and set up of simultaneous interpreting equipment: booths and headphones or portable equipment (portable interpreting sets, also known as “bidules” in the industry’s jargon), depending on AWEX’s needs.

About the event:

Each quarter, AWEX organises lunch-conferences to promote Wallonia’s know-how and welcome investors to Belgium. These events are often bilingual. Consequently, simultaneous interpreting between French and English is available to the conference guests.

A noteworthy feather in the cap of our conference interpreters is the translation of a conference given by Michaël Gillon, the Belgian astronomer and astrophysicist who led the team that discovered the Trappist group of exoplanets.

About Colingua:

Colingua is an interpreting agency based in Brussels and Liège, in Belgium. Our company is managed by interpreters. As a result, you will always be able to get in touch with an English-speaker. Our translators and conference interpreters are specialised in simultaneous interpreting between English and French for British, American or multi-national firms and organizations in Brussels, as well as for delegations for European regions with offices in Brussels.

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Interpreters for institutions – Brussels