Interpreters for TNT-FedEx Liège

The international logistics giant chose Colingua for simultaneous interpretation and technical support in its weekly meetings.

FedEx Liège regularly calls upon Colingua’s conference interpreters and technical teams, particularly for its working meetings involving the works council and management.

Services rendered:

About Colingua

Colingua has offices in Brussels, Liège and Limburg. Our interpretation agency in Liège is THE reference for interpretation solutions in Liège. Some of our workers also teach interpretation at the University of Liège. Our familiarity with Liège’s economic scene allows us to offer premium-quality services at affordable rates. Colingua provides a comprehensive package including both simultaneous interpretation and the equipment that makes it possible, such as booths, headsets, microphones and mobile equipment for visits to bilingual sites (Infoport , in industry jargon).

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About FedEx Liège

FedEx is an American company specialising in international freight shipments and a global leader in this sector. FedEx’s Liège Hub is one of the main international sorting centres in Europe. It is also a major air and road sorting centre.

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Interpreters for TNT-FedEx Liège