Interpreters for the wine sector

1st European Congress of Wine Appellations in Brussels 

>>> French, English, Spanish and Italian conference interpreters. Colingua confirms its status as a reference interpretation company in the wine sector.

The first congress of the European Federation of Origin Wines, EFOW (www.efow.eu) held in Brussels focused on the performance of the European wine. The speakers shared their evaluations of the CAP measures applicable to the wine sector launched in November by the European Commission and considered the changes needed to reinforce the economic performance of the sector.

EFOW’s congress provided an excellent opportunity for a first exchange of views on how the CAP policy instruments apply to the wine sector and on the changes needed to help the sector overcome the challenges it is facing, in particular French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish GI wine producers. The speakers also focused on the impact of climate change, and underlined the importance of the EU’s legal, technical and political support.

Having recently translated the new website of various wine producers such as Vin de Liège (Belgium) and Domaines des Masques (France), Colingua also provided simultaneous interpretation for Vinventions (formerly known as Nomacorc, a Belgian – American company producing some 2 billion synthetic closures a year). Once again, the quality of our translations confirms Colingua’ status as the reference translation company in the wine sector.

Summary of the services provided

Simultaneous interpretation in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish and Italian; in cooperation with Microson and Edificio, at the Solvay Library conference center in Brussels.

About Colingua

Colingua Translations is an interpreting agency located in Brussels and Liège. Our Brussels office specialises in simultaneous interpreting for a wide range of European entities, e.g. European associations, lobbies, think-tanks and international companies. Our interpreters are very familiar with the workings of European institutions and the sectors that are related to them.

Colingua has been able to stand out in the interpreting market in Brussels for the quality of its services, especially because our company is exclusively managed by conference interpreters who quickly grasp clients’ needs. On request from our clients we can also provide a “full package” service including interpreting equipment (booths, receivers – headphones, microphones…) and audiovisuals.

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Interpreters for the wine sector