Liège Language Hub

Colingua becomes a partner of the Province of Liège of Language Hub.

– Our translation agency, with its translators and conference interpreters, signed the Charter of the Maison des Langues (Liège Language Hub), under the aegis of the Province of Liège, on 2 June 2016.

This institution aims to promote language learning and use in the Province of Liège. It is also a hub for people who want to find out more about language services in the area of Liège, including translation or simultaneous interpretation services.

Aware of the language issues at stake in the area of Liège, which borders Flanders, the Netherlands and Germany, the Province brought together various representatives of the “language sector” to capitalise on their recommendations. Against this background, Colingua Translations (a translation company whose activity focuses on conference interpretations, accompanying foreign delegations, translations for major sports events and translations for key operators in the tourism sector) has been selected by the Province of Liège to sign the Partnership Charter. This quality label is another recognition of the quality of the translation and interpreting services offered by our translation agency in Liège.

Head to the website of the “Liège Language Hub” to find out about all its activities.

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Liège Language Hub