Reliable interpreters in Liège Belgium

Our Liège translation agency provided simultaneous interpreting at the Belgian Brain Council’s international conference at the Liège Convention Centre.

Colingua enjoys the reputation of being the leading interpreting company in the Liège region and Wallonia. Managed exclusively by conference interpreters and translators, our company is a major player in the Belgian interpreting market.

Hosted at the Liège Convention Centre, the Belgian Brain Council conference (on the theme of strategies for neurological and mental disorders) is a fine example of the top services that international event organisers can benefit from in Liège, Brussels or Antwerp.

About Colingua

Colingua is a translation and conference interpreting company based in Liège and Brussels. At Colingua, not only do we provide conference interpreting services, but we also escort foreign delegations visiting Belgium.

Colingua also offers interpreting equipment for hire, such as booths, headphones and portable equipment for simultaneous interpreting during field visits, such as the Sennheiser Infoport carry case (also known as the Tour Guide system).

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Reliable interpreters in Liège Belgium