Green Cook: European project

Written translations and conference interpretation (live interpreting) for the European Project GreenCook

>>> GreenCook is a European Project aimed at reducing food wastage and making North West Europe a model of sustainable food management, by in-depth work on the consumer / food relationship thanks to a multisectoral partnership.

GreenCook’s ambition is to create this lever effect through generating a dynamic that motivates all of the food stakeholders and by establishing path-breaking bridges with the fields of health, welfare and economic development. Its diversified partnership intends to show the added value of united, transversal action, and to influence EU policies, in order to get a new European sustainable food model to emerge.

Thanks to its presence near the European institutions thanks ot its Brussels office, Colingua Translations has acquired great translation and conference interpreting skills when is comes to working on EU-funded cross border projects.

Summary of our 2-year mission for GreenCook:

  • Translation of the projects submited by the various European partners involved
  • Simultaneous interpreting at various workshops with mobile interpreting equipment (infoport mobile kit)
  • Conference interpreting in a booth at the closing event of the project held in Brussels

More about the project on Green Cook

About Colingua Translations: our company is both an interpreting agency and translation office, with two offices: in Brussels and Liège.

Our company is exclusively managed by interpreters and translators, so you contact a sector professional right from the start.

We specialise in the management of long-term European projects such as Green Cook. These projects require ongoing monitoring and personalised advice on language.

Apart from our translation service, we offer simultaneous interpreting in different languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch…), in booths for opening or closing ceremonies and for congresses/European projects, or mobile interpreting equipment for working meetings involving small number of people (usually for meetings in European projects involving different European countries).

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Green Cook: European project