Translators of the Napoleon exhibition in Liège, Belgium

Our translation agency in Liège consolidates its position as the number-one provider of translations for international exhibitions. Our Flemish, English and German translators take care of the “Napoléon” exhibition.

For years, our translators specialising in culture, tourism and international exhibitions have translated for international exhibitions held all over Belgium.

Again this year, we had the pleasure to translate the international exhibition held in Liège to commemorate Napoleon’s death.

Services rendered:

  • Translation of the exhibition website into Dutch, English and German
  • Translation of the exhibition leaflets and other communication supports
  • Translation of the audio guides

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About Europa 50

Since 1999, Europa Expo has been the driving force behind ten or so big exhibitions in Liège and Brussels, which have attracted close to 3 million visitors. Some of these exhibitions made a strong impression and remain etched in visitors’ memories, including “From Salvador to Dalí”, “Generation 80 Experience”, “Tutankhamun” and “I was 20 in 45”.

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Translators of the Napoleon exhibition in Liège, Belgium