Sponsor of the Bulldogs

Colingua is a proud sponsor of the Bulldogs Pro Ice Hockey Team in the BeNeLeague (Belgium – Netherlands)

>>> Sport is one of the “core businesses” of Colingua Translations. Our company is specialized in translating and interpreting for sport. It is therefore quite natural that our translators and interpreter have decided to support a player in Belgium’s sports scene (playing both in the Belgian league and the Belgium-Netherlands League) that is located only a short distance from our office in the city.

In the last four years, the Bulldogs pro team has won the Belgian Cup and has reached the final several times. The club has also achieved excellent results in the BeNe League (Belgium – Netherlands), in particular reaching a semi-final. As our company is a specialist in translation and interpreting for sport in general, it was a natural development for Colingua to support a sports entity that has teams for all ages located just a short walk from our office.

Support the Bulldogs: www.bulldogs-hockey.be


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Sponsor of the Bulldogs