Translators promoting sports!

Translators and interpréters for sporting events

>>> This Sunday, our company will be supporting the non-profit association “Les Printanières liégeoises”, which is organising a junior cycle race in the region of Liège. The race is part of the official calendar and welcomes riders from several countries, including Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands.

Colingua puts an official vehicle at the disposal of the organisers and deals with the multimedia aspects of the race.

Colingua is a translation company that specialises in translation and interpretation for sports events. Being convinced of the importance of practising sport, especially for young people, we have decided to support clubs like “Les Printanières liégeoises” or “Romsée Cycliste” that organise several races every year, especially for young riders. It is also a way for our translators and conference interpreters to put something back into a sector (sport) that represents a large part of our work.


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Translators promoting sports!