World Water Council

The World Water Council trusts our translation and interpretation company for its Board of Governors in Liège, Belgium.


The Board of Governors of the World Water Council met in Liège on the occasion of their annual meeting.

About Colingua

Our Liège interpreters’ agency offers simultaneous interpretation services (interpretation or simultaneous translation) as well the rental of all translation equipment such as interpreters’ booths, receivers – headsets, microphones, screens and even infoport cases (bidules in the industry jargon).

In 20 years of existence, our company has established itself as THE interpreters’ company of reference in Liège and is known for the quality of its services as well as its knowledge of the socio-economic fabric of Liège. Even though Colingua is familiar with large international organisations, our company also regularly works for associations and modestly-sized SMEs.

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World Water Council