COVID19- Colingua supports hospitals

Colingua is collaborating with the “Stay at Home” (Belgium) / “Hospital Solidarity” (France and Spain) projects, which aim to support the hospital workers in these difficult times.

Our  French, Dutch (Flemish) and Spanish translators are contributing to the  translation of the campaign website and ensuringthe Community Management of the pages in collaboration with Globule Bleu and EASI.

Solidarite-Hopitaux.fr  is an initiative of the YCOR Digital Group. The teams from its subsidiaries — GLOBULE BLEU, PROXIMEDIA and REGICOM — designed and simultaneously launched three support platforms for hospital staff in threecountries: ResteChezToi.be in French-speaking Belgium, BlijfThuis.be in Flanders, Solidarite-Hopitaux.fr in France and SolidaridadHospitales.es in Spain. The EASI company is generously hosting the platform, with the help of Flemish and Spanish translators from COLINGUA for translation and moderation.

About Colingua

Colingua is a translation company exclusively run by translators and conference interpreters  working in Brussels and across Europe. Colingua also proposes translation equipment (interpreting booths, receivers – headsets… ).

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COVID19- Colingua supports hospitals