French translators for the Tour of California

Our French-language translators specializing in sports provide translation services to the Amgen Tour of California. Our business, once again, confirms its stature as the “Go To Service” when it comes to sports translation.

For the second year running, our sports translation agency worked side-by-side with A.S.O. and AEG Sports, organizers of the Amgen Tour of California, to provide each morning, a re-cap of the previous day’s action in the Men’s and Women’s divisions of the Tour of the California in French. With a nine-hour time difference between the US West Coast and the Old Continent, our team of French-language sports translation specialists work throughout the night to guarantee that the French-language media starts its day with press release in hand.

About Colingua

Colingua specializes in written translation and interpretation (interpreting) for the sporting world. Each year, our sports translation division works for literally thousands of hours on the most celebrated cycling races on the UCI calendar, at other major  events from marathons to mountain bike races and for professional sports clubs or sports public relations agencies. Listed below are just a few of our long-standing clients: Standard Liège, Tour de France, Barcelona Marathon, Paris Marathon, Dakar Rally, etc.

About the Amgen Tour of California

Amgen Tour of California is a Tour de France-style cycling road race created and presented by AEG that challenges the world’s top professional cycling teams to compete along a demanding course that traverses hundreds of miles of California’s iconic highways, byways and coastlines each spring. (source)

Copyright logo: Amgen Tour of California, AEG Sports and A.S.O.

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French translators for the Tour of California