Interpreter for Brussels institutions

Dutch <> French simultaneous interpreting and installation of an interpreting system with booth and headphones.

>>> For the second time in 2 months, our Dutch <> French interpreters have worked in an event organised by Actiris (the Brussels employment agency), which shows the trust shown in us by this institution.

After an initial conference titled “Review of instruments for the promotion of diversity and the fight against discrimination” in September, the event held on November 8th focused on newly arrived immigrants.

About Colingua Translation

Our Brussels-based interpreting agency specialises in simultaneous interpreting in English, French, and Dutch. These three languages are in great demand from institutions in Brussels and Belgian companies that are clients of Colingua.

Out company also specialises in European languages in general and works on a regular basis for European associations and international companies who need simultaneous interpreting in – for example – French, English, Spanish or German.

Our company’s success is due to the fact that it is exclusively managed by conference interpreters. It works with hand-picked interpreters who have been personally approved by our managers and experts on European institutions or international circles.

Our translation department also provides all the equipment required for multilingual events: booths, receivers, headphones, microphones, etc.


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Interpreter for Brussels institutions