Interpreters in Brussels

Our French, English and Dutch conference interpreters were hired to work at the famous SQUARE Brussels Convention Centre for the 20th Anniversary celebration of the ASTRID network, a telecoms operator dedicated to emergency and security services in Belgium.

As a matter of fact, our Brussels translation and interpreting office works in close collaboration with SQUARE Brussels, the main congress center of the European capital city. It was thanks to the incredible skills, professionalism and reputation of our conference interpreters that we were recruited before any other agency to interpret at the hugely prestigious 20th Anniversary conference of the ASTRID network.

Interpreting services provided at Square Brussels:

  • Simultaneous interpreting in the interpreting booths  of SQUARE convention centre.
  • French <> Dutch/Flemish interpreting to meet the needs of the Belgian network
  • Interpreting into English for international guests attending the conference

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Interpreters in Brussels