Interpreting a conference on sports and health

The Belgian Back Society trusted our technical team and our interpreters specialising in sports on the occasion of its annual congress organised at the University of Liège.

This year’s BBS Congress focused on various topics related to professional sports and back problems encountered by athletes. The specialists present addressed, among other things, how athletes can avoid back problems, how optimize the rehabilitation of an athlete with low back pain and how to better train young elite athletes.

Colingua has been specialising in sports translations for years now. So our conference interpreters were able to accurately translate the debates and presentations mad during the congress. This event was held at the University of Liège, where our interpreters also teach in the Translation and Interpreting Department, a good example of the opportunities available to young professional interpreters.

Summary of interpreting services:

  • On-site French and Dutch interpretation
  • Installation of simultaneous translation equipment (booths, microphones, headsets, etc.)

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Interpreting a conference on sports and health