Interpreting in Brussels

Our interpreting agency in Brussels regularly works with institutions in Brussels. Over an eight day period, our Dutch <> French conference interpreters have assisted the ERAP during its bilingual technical training sessions.

The ERAP (Regional School of Public Administration) in the Brussels-Capital region is a college of administration, centre of expertise and training provider whose goal is to make public services more efficient.

A summary of the interpreting services provided for ERAP:

  • Simultaneous interpreting between Dutch and French in interpreting booths.
  • Installation of a mobile interpreting booth in the offices of ERAP.
  • Installation of an interpreting system and receiver-headsets.

About Colingua

Colingua is an interpreting agency located in Brussels and specialised in simultaneous interpreting for institutions in Brussels, Belgium and Europe. Our interpreting agency provides full packages including simultaneous interpreting services as well as hire of interpreting equipment such as booths, receivers, headsets and microphones.


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Interpreting in Brussels