Translators of the Tutankhamun exhibition

Our translators at our Liège offices are translating the new exhibition on Tutankhamun.

With this mission behind the scenes of the new Tutankhamun exhibition in Liège, the Colingua team are again demonstrating that they are specialists in translating for international cultural exhibitions. Following several fruitful collaborations, Europa 50 is continuing to place its trust in the skills of our translation agency in Liège.

About the Tutankhamun exhibition

Visitors to this exhibition will be able to discover a like-for-like replica of Tutankhamun’s tomb, rebuilt using techniques from its era in time. In particular, the exhibition will be presenting 2 world firsts as well as several original artefacts.

About Colingua

Our translators are specialised in translating and localising exhibitions, in Liège, Brussels or Bruges. For example, Colingua has worked on the translation of the following exhibitions:

Copyright image: Europa 50

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Translators of the Tutankhamun exhibition