Translators and interpreters of the Tour de France

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, our translators and conference interpreters are still working with the Tour de France organizers. This is Colingua’s 15th participation to the Tour, the 3rd largest sporing event worldwide.

Summary of the services proposed to A.S.O.:

Thanks to our exceptional experience on this global sporting event and our savoir-faire, Colingua is now a recognized translation company in the world of professional sport.

The task of our translators has changed over the years, according to the needs of the organizers (A.S.O.) and the latest technological advancemets: for the past ten years, our linguists have translated the live action of the race for the official site (36 million unique visitors in 2016) in German, Spanish and more directly in English. Our translators don’t stop working after the three weeks of live coverage, because an event as big as the Tour generates an interest from the media throughout the year. Our sports translators work in close collaboration with A.S.O., providing the translation for the press releases, but also several other aspects concerning the behind the scene news and even the organisation of the race all-year long. With the advances in technology, our translation agency is now translating the Tour mobile application. We have also translated the official mobile games linked to the race for certain editions. Finally, Colingua had the home field advantage last year and also provided most translation and interpretation services for the Grand Départ of the Tour near our offices in Brussels.

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Translators and interpreters of the Tour de France