Translators for the press

Since 2006, our translation agency’s Flemish and French translators have been working in direct collaboration with the editorial staff of the daily Belgian business newspapers “L’Echo” and “De Tijd” for 4 days a week, producing their weekly ‘luxury’ magazine “Sabato” in both French and Dutch languages.

Our long collaboration with “L’Echo” has so far seen us produce a remarkable 400 editions of their bi-lingual weekly magazine, requiring perfect harmony between their team and ours to meet their tight print deadlines every single week, all the time while ensuring top quality translations for a highly demanding readership.

“Sabato” is essentially a magazine about luxury and entrepreneurship, as well as lifestyle and relaxation for busy business professionals. Emphasizing quality, elegance and exclusivity, every part of “Sabato” is produced with the most stylish and trendy wordings to match their brand image, in both French and Dutch.

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Translators for the press