Translators for the press

Since 2006, the Flemish and French translators of our translation agency have been working 4 days a week with the editing team of the luxury lifestyle magazine Sabatoof the daily L’Echo, the main financial newspaper in Belgium.

Our translation bureau works closely with the staff of L’Echoto produce the weekly magazine Sabatoin French and Dutch. To date, our company has translated more than 400 issuesof this weekly supplement.

This close collaboration requires perfect understanding between our teams to meet the deadlines common to the written press, while ensuring translations of the highest possible quality for a demanding client.

Sabatois a magazine that covers luxury and entrepreneurship, without neglecting other lifestyle and leisure elements. Sabatoputs the emphasis on quality, elegance and exclusivity in the 2 main languages of Belgium (French and Dutch) in stylish and trendy language.

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Translators for the press