Architecture competition – Helsinki

EUROPAN14 architecture competition in Helsinki – Simultaneous interpreting in English, French, Spanish and German in interpretation booths

>>> Our interpreters work at the Forum of Cities and Jurys in Helsinki.

Europan Europe is an association organizing an architecture competition for young architects.

“After an introductory conference by the City of Helsinki, we visited recent urban projects where the diversity of uses is reinforced to get out of functionalism and zoning through the articulation of the housing program with other uses – equipment, shops, working places, public spaces.

The topic of “Productive Cities” and the sites’ families served as a starting point for debate in the 4 working groups based on a selection of shortlisted projects. How to better articulate city and production in a renewed economy? When confronted to the phenomenon of globalization that delocalizes everything, cities try to develop new forms of production in shorter distribution channels thanks to new technologies. The discussions developed from a comparison of the projects’ scenarios, and not site by site.

This is a two-fold challenge: on the one hand, we want to create a shared culture on the issues of urban mutation in European cities and on the ideas proposed by the participants; and on the other we would like to facilitate the exchange of multiple viewpoints on the projects’ panels exhibited during the competition.” *

Summary of the services proposed by Colingua:

  • 12 conference interpreters from our Brussels office travel to Helsinki with the conference and competition organizers based in Paris
  • Simultaneous interpretation in English and French at the “Council” meeting of the Europan association 
  • French, English and German simultaneous interpreting with mobile translation equipment (“tour guide” infoport system) during the visit of various construction sites throughout the city of Helsinki.
  • Simultaneous interpretation with interpretation equipment (“interpretation booths”) in French, English, Spanish and German during the conference, the plenary sessions and in various workshops.

Our interpreters are very proud that EUROPAN entrusted us with the interpretation at the Helsinki conference. The organizers really considered bringing us along as an investment contributing to the quality of their event.

* Anna Catasta, President of Europan & Didier Rebois, Secretary General of Europan

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Architecture competition – Helsinki