Translators of the Liège Opera

Our Liège translation office has been working in close collaboration with the Royal Opera of Wallonia-Liège (ORW) since 2016. Our specialist arts and culture translators offer an expert quality bespoke translation service to this internationally recognised institution.

Our Liège translation agency keeps a close eye on each season of the Royal Opera of Wallonia, a major player in the arts and culture world of Belgium, and here is a summary of the translating services we provide them:

  • Every summer, between the two seasons: Italian<>French translation of the Special Opera Dossier, including a historical presentation of each composition and interviews with singers.
  • After the première of each opera, our Italian translators translate the review of the evening for the specialist opera press in Italy.
  • Before each première, our Dutch, English and German translators translate the synopses of and introductions about each composition. These translations are used on the Opera’s official website and in the programs distributed to the audience before each performance.

Throughout the year: English, Dutch and German translation of the website, including all updates.

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Translators of the Liège Opera