Interpreters for European associations in Brussels

This Tuesday, our Spanish and English conference interpreters were working for the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) in Brussels

Our Brussels interpretation agency regularly offers services for simultaneous interpretation in booths during work meetings held only in Spanish and English. It was the case for EURADA in Brussels, as for many other clients at European level.

About Colingua

Colingua is a translation and interpretation agency located in Brussels, in Wallonia (Province of Liège) and Flanders (Limburg). Our company is specialised in conference interpretation (interpreting), especially in English, Dutch and Spanish. Colingua also offers written translation services in these languages. Our company is exclusively managed by seasoned conference translators and interpreters and can advise our clients.


This new meeting organised by EURADA took the form of a Seminar on territorial cooperation with cities and regions located outside European borders. Participants particularly heard about the experience of the Spanish region of Murcia, a presentation by DG Regio of the European Commission as well as specialists from Argentina, Chile or Peru.


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Interpreters for European associations in Brussels