Interpretation equipment rental

Colingua - interpretation equipment for rent in Belgium

Portable interpretation system – tour guide

A mobile interpretation kit (also called tour guide) contains 20 headphone receivers.

This wireless system enables our interpreters to translate for groups of experts visiting factories, worksites, etc.

It can also be used for simultaneous interpretation during work or business meetings with a small number of people.

Colingua - interpretation equipment in Brussels

Technical support

The interpretation booths would not work without AV technicians. They usually sit behind their mixing tables and manage sound quality in real time during your event.

Now that many online events require simultaneous translation, our IT specialists work in the virtual backstage to check data flows and sound quality in the various languages.

Colingua Translations

Interpretation booths

We use Audipack portable interpreter booths. Our technicians can set up these modular translation booths in many different places.

These booths respect ISO standards and are sound-proof, thus helping our conference interpreters to provide an outstanding service.