Translators of the Titan Desert

Once again, this year, our team of translators specializing in sports are working in close collaboration with the organisers of the celebrated mountain bike event.

For the third consecutive year, Colingua’s translators (English, French and Spanish) are working behind the scenes of the Garmin Titan Desert. This world-class mountain bike event is organised by Titan World Series, which is a subsidiary of RPM-MKTG, and  A.S.O., the organiser of the Tour de France.

Throughout the year, our translators work closely with the RPM-MKTG’s Barcelona offices to fulfil the translation needs of the event in French and English. And during the event, our translation agency ensures the translation into English of the daily summaries of each stage.

About Colingua

Colingua is a translation agency specialising in sport. Our specialised translators work behind the scenes of world-class events such as the  Tour de France (since 2006), the Dakar Rally (since 2007) and the Barcelona Marathon. The company also collaborates with most notably  Standard de Liège football club. Colingua’s presence in the sporting world is also found in partnerships with the  Roller Bulls – BC Ninane and the  Bulldogs Hockey Club.

Copyright photo: Titan Series/ASO

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Translators of the Titan Desert