Interpreters for Europan NGOs in Liège, Belgium – Le Monde des Possibles

Our translators and interpreters work with associations and NGOs in Belgium. Our partnership with Le Monde des Possibles is a great example of how to move multilingual working meetings to the realm of Zoom.

Our interpretation and translation agency in Liège assists a wide range of players in the non-profit ecosystem with their European projects.

The NGO Le Monde des Possibles led the way by turning the working meetings for its European projects into Zoom webinars. Our interpreters leveraged Zoom’s technology to train the members of the NGO to use Zoom in multiple languages.

About Le Monde des Possibles

Le Monde des Possibles is a training centre that teaches French as a foreign language and IT skills to new arrivals in Liège. The NGO also offers coding lessons, intercultural activities, projects that use jobs to foster the inclusion of migrants, and more.

About Colingua Liège

Our translation agency in Liège is THE reference for simultaneous interpretation solutions in Liège and Wallonia (the French-speaking part of Belgium). The quality of its translation services fuelled its growth, leading to the opening of new offices in Brussels and Flanders shortly after its establishment in Liège in 2000. Colingua has specialised in online interpretation, mainly on Zoom, since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, and it has taken care of more than 300 online events in the intervening 18 months

What is the cost of a conference interpreter in Liège, Belgium?

Videoconferences with simultaneous interpreting: the organiser’s guidebook

    1. Types of video conference platforms
    2. Are you using ZOOM?
    3. Would you like to keep using your usual video conferencing tool?
    4. The moderator: a key figure for online events in multiple languages
    5. Interpreters: in a hub or working from home?
    6. A hybrid event with on-site and remote participants
    7. Examples of online events with our interpreters
    8. Online interpretation: security and reliability

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Interpreters for Europan NGOs in Liège, Belgium – Le Monde des Possibles